The Rachel Kerridge Trust was set up in 2015 by its settlors Antony and Shaun Kerridge; in aid of, and inspired by, their mother Rachel Kerridge.

The trust has four trusteees: the two settlors along with Gemma Kerridge and Jemma Oakes.


The aims of the trust are simple:

  • raise funds through donations from sponsored events;
  • distribute these funds to named beneficiaries which include individuals and charities;
  • purchase assets and provide these to named beneficiaries;


Rachel Kerridge

Rachel was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1994 but symptoms began in 1983 at only 22 years of age. It took doctors over 12 years to finally diagnose the disease after a long and exhausting battle.
The MS has since progressed leaving her with only one main functional limb, her right-arm, which thankfully enables her to be able to carry out some simple daily tasks.
Rachel is fully reliant on full-time care in order to live.

Ian Kerridge

Antony and Shaun's father, Rachel's husband, Ian Kerridge is also a beneficiary of the trust.
He has been alongside and supporting Rachel since she first started showing symptons in 1983.
Ian took the decision to quit work in 1994 and become Rachel's full-time carer and has dedicated his life to looking after her.

The Solent MS Therapy Centre - Charity No. 299545

The Centre is a registered charity and was established in 1984; part of the network of MS centres scattered throughout the UK.

Rachel has been a regular user of the Solent MS Therapy Centre in Portsmouth since diagnosis, benefitting from numerous therapies as well as meeting and socialising with many other users. The centre relies on fundraising and donations to keep functioning; over the years our settlors have raised thousands of pounds between them for the centre by completing all sorts of sponsored events.

A yearly donation will be made to the centre from the trust's funds to continue supporting this great charity that has been part of our family for many years now.

Cancer Research UK - Charity No. 1089464

One of the trustees - Gemma Kerridge - states the following on this great charity:

Cancer Research is such a fantastic cause that is extremely close to my heart. Whether it be youself fighting the battle, supporting a friend or family member fighting the battle, or even supporting a friend who is caring for a loved one; the statisical fact is that cancer will touch everyone in some way during their lifetime.
This is why it is vital that we continue to support the wonderful work completed by the Cancer Research UK team to stop this pain and suffering. Cancer Research UK saves millions of lives everyday by discovering new ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer.
In 2012 after a mastectomy to remove her breast cancer it was revealed that the disease had spread to other parts of her body, my aunty was given a year to live. Today in 2016 thanks to the extensive research into medicines she is still going strong.
Let's join Cancer Research UK's hope of bringing forward the day when all cancers can be cleared by giving what we can to this non-government funded charity and help them to beat cancer.

A yearly donation will be made to Cancer Research UK from the trust's funds; a charity that has affected and touched so many of us.