New Wheels

Current Aim: Disabled Motor Vehicle

Estimated Amount: £20,000

In 1999 Rachel and Ian purchased a Renault Kangoo which had been converted into a disabled motor vehicle. The 'wagon' has served the whole family well over the years. The vehicle now has 150,000 miles on the clock and is slowly coming to the end of its life.

A new vehicle is needed, not only to replace the current one, but to utilise the latest engineering techniques and technologies that are available for disabled motor vehicles.


Vehicle Details

There are two possible plans: purchase an already converted vehicle; or purchase a standard van and convert it into a disbled vehicle. Vehicles along the lines of a Mercedes Vito are currently in scope. Some of the early ideas for the vehicle modifications are as follows:

  • Internal Clearing - removal of any rear seats or other elements that fill the rear of the vehicle.
  • Hydrolic Rear Suspension - this will allow the rear of the vehicle to be lowered and raised for wheelchair access.
  • Automated Ramp - linked explicitly to the suspension a ramp will lower and raise for the wheelchair to be able to embark and alight the vehicle safetly.
  • Reinforced Flooring - a large area of strong flooring that is capable of holding a large electric wheelchar, its occupant, and any other items that may be transported.
  • Internal Hoist Mechanism - a ceiling hoist that would transport the wheelchair occupier from the wheelchair located in the rear of the vehicle to another seat; possibly the front seat.