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Why a trust and not a charity?

There are strict rules surrounding the charity status. In very simple terms to be a charity you have to prove that you are benefiting the public; and by public it means a vast amount of people. We will only ever benefit a handful of people, and whilst we will donate directly to certain charities, we could not get a charity status approved.


What type of trust is The Rachel Kerridge Trust?

The Rachel Kerridge Trust is a Discretionary Trust. There are numerous types of trust but the discretionary type suited our needs. It is discretionary in that all of the trustees have a say in what we do with any assets that the trust holds.


How are donations handled and what will the trust do with the money?

Any donations or assets gifted will always be given directly to one or both of the settlors; this is due to legalities surrounding trusts and more information can be found on the HMRC website. But don't worry too much about the details - trust us!
Any questions on this then please contact us directly.


Why are you not using a fundraising site like JustGiving etc?

Sites such as JustGiving only provide the functionality to collect monies on behalf of charities and it is why they can provide Gift Aid services. There are also a huge array of Crowd Funding websites available however, due to our trust status and the amounts such Crowd Funding organisations charge for transaction fees, we have implemented and now use our own methods of collecting monies.


Why Stripe?

Stripe is a secure and quick method for paying and sending money online. You can donate directly through our site without the need to setup any sort of account.


Do you accept cash instead of an online transaction?

We would always welcome cash instead of an online transaction as it saves us a small transaction fee. If you would like to sponsor one of our fundraisers or simply make a kind donation to the trust then please contact us.


Do you have to be part of the trust to fundraise for it?

No. If you are thinking about fundraising for the trust then please contact one of our trustees or fill in the contact form and we can discuss the details.


Why not take advantage of the Mobility Allowance to get a car?

The Mobility Allowance can be used towards leasing a Motability vehicle, but you have to take a three-year agreement for the lease. Due to the severity of Rachel’s disability an Advance Payment would have to made for each new lease as the Mobility Allowance would not cover the vehicle and/or the modifications required. Owning your own vehicle gives you the freedom of how you use it and the flexibility to modify it to your individual needs.